About me

This is a pic of me in 2012 in my composition room, I use an iMac 27″ mid2011, i7-2600/16Gb using Logic X/Cubase, an i7-3770/32Gb as a VEP6 slave and a Windows 10 laptop for Sonar/Cubase/VEP songs and most legacy content.

I was born on September 26, 1975 youngest of 3 in Shippagan, New-Brunswick, Canada and still live there to this day.  I am happily married and have 3 amazing sons who actually play instruments and compose in Logic, all without my intervention! ~ Proud! :)

My day job is IT and specialized installations such as multimedia, security, networking, etc.  I’ve been self employed since 1995.

⊗ Instruments played:

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Flute, Oboe, French horn, Trombone, Violin, Double bass and most percussions.

⊗ So you wanna hire me or inquire about licensing costs?

Questions and answers:

Q:  I’m currently programming a game and I was wondering if it I could use X and Y songs?
A:  I am extremely busy and I cannot work on free projects, sorry.

Q:  How much do you charge?
A:  A lot! Just kidding, seriously every project is different, what’s the deadline, which platform will it be on, would my product reach a big audience, etc.  So it’s a case-by-case review.

Q:  Can I use your music in my free RPG Maker project?
A:  Please don’t…  There are web sites everywhere offering royalty free music and RPGM has a lot of ’em built in.

If you’re fine with the answers and have a serious project to discuss, then you can reach me over Facebook, or via the top menu in “Contact me”.

⊗ Musical Influences:

Duran Duran, Metallica, Testament, Black Sabbath, Bryan White, John Berry, Tesla, Iron Maiden, Megadeth…

Nobuo Uematsu, Motoi Sakuraba, Yasunori Mitsuda, Kenji Ito, Yuzo Koshiro, Naoshi Mizuta, Michiru Yamane, Kumi Tanioka, Masatomo Miyamoto, Takeshi Santo, Jerry and Joel Goldsmith, Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano, Hirokazu (Hip) Tanaka, Koji Kondo, Yōko Shimomura, Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudo, and many, many more.

⊗ Other composer friends:

Mathew Valente
Jake Kaufman
Dale North
Xavier Dang
Jer Roque
Jesse Ingram
Sean Stone
Aaron Leibrick