Original: Sacred promise

Original by Eric E. Hache
Composed on August 18 2000
Finished on February 29 2008
Copyright ©2000 Eric E. Hache, All rights reserved.

A song I almost finished in 2000, found it and completed in 2008 using original sound library from that time.

Remix: Golden Sun – Elemental stars

Performed and arranged by Eric E. Hache
Original by Motoi Sakuraba

Also seen on ocremix: ocremix.org/remix/OCR01315/

This song is the property of Camelot Software Planning (C)2001

Remix: Ninja Gaiden II – Sprinting riffs

Arranged and performed by Eric E. Hache and Timothy Shihei (2001)
Original by Mayuko Okamura / Ryuichi Nitta

Also seen on ocremix: ocremix.org/remix/OCR00363/

This song is the property of Tecmo (C)1990