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Infinity for Gameboy Color going for kickstarter soon!

Hi everyone!

Infinity for Gameboy Color that I’ve worked on as a composer in 2001 is going for kickstarter soon!  Check it out and sign up on the newsletter to get updates :)



Hi everyone,

I will be posting random songs in the coming weeks, I’ve spent the last days changing server hosting.  I hope everything still works ok.

Thanks for stopping by!

Astromeda – First looks!

Hey everyone, here’s a first look on Astromeda a game I’m working on that was featured on Youtube a while ago:

Stuff happening!!!


I’ve been working on a few projects here and there, and I cannot wait to be able to publish updates here!  Non disclosure agreements prevent me from doing so but it will be fun once I’ll be able to post the new songs publicly!

On a side note, if you want more updates you should probably follow me on Twitter here:


Well my favorite season is coming, I had a super busy summer with work.  More songs on the way! :)