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Infinity Original Sound Version soundtrack released!


This is the Game Boy Color sound version, composed by me and 2 songs from Mathew Valente, Thanks to Mathew Valente from TSSFSound and Sebastian Wolff from Materia Collective!

Album is available for purchase on most popular distribution sites such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Loudr, Amazon Music, etc.

Infinity GBC by Affinix, Demo ROM released!

Infinity by Affinix has finally been released after 15 years!!!


— Wall of text, some text can be technical gibberish to some —

I have written all the music for Infinity back in 2000-2001, it is in Game Boy Color format, it’s not orchestral, it’s bleeps, boops, and such that you’d hear on the first Nintendo/NES, and YES! I, for some reason love that noise :)

[All download links are on the bottom of this post.]

It is a Gameboy Color ROM, for those not familiar with it, you need a Game Boy Color emulator. Gambatte is the ONLY emulator that can play it, or Retroarch, which uses the Gambatte Core.
Our godly programmer Hideaki Omuro used MANY graphic tricks to maximize our output, so please only use the Gambatte core or equivalents.
[Links on the bottom of this post]

It’s a free rom, playable to at least 25%, limited by an intentional block – one that we made as a team because it has been tested up to that point. If you can code, you can remove that with the source code in the links below. It’s only been tested to the block so you’ve been warned.

I have composed 47 songs for this game back in 2000 and 2001 and spent many hours composing those in 8 bit, 4 track songs (2 square waves, 1 pcm (32byte waveforms) and a noise channel.
None of those feats could have been achieved without the help of my very good friend Mathew Valente who in turn recommended we used the Paragon5 sound engine which was the most accurate sound engine at the time for GBC – They (P5) probably are still the most accurate to this day. Thank you Paul Bragiel from P5 for your support, I really appreciated working with you!

The status of the game as of now is open source with special rights, music cannot be used elsewhere/modified without my consent (Eric E. Hache) and no commercial endeavours. For the rest of the licensing, please check Affinix’s Github license file.

Where will Affinix go with Infinity? Time will tell! Personally I hope there’s a remake! But at this point, the game is released! If you wanna get past the coded block, download the source and tools, rebuild, remove it and give us feedback! :)

A few of us are thinking about kickstarter to do a remake for either Android/iOS/Nintendo/PC/Mac, but as you know, in a team all members should agree. Not that anyone would disagree with such an endeavour – but there are many issues, such as licensing from past contributors, or me as a composer for instance. It can be a legal nightmare.

For now, please play the demo and let us know what you think

[Outside LINKS]

Affinix main page:

Affinix main download page for the Infinity ROM:

Affinix’s Infinity source code on Github:

Gambatte emulator download:

On Android, My Boy! plays it decently:…

My page, the music composer:

Me and Mathew’s (tssf) contributions to Infinity on SoundCloud:…/…/infinity-by-affinix-software

Hope you enjoy playing the demo, send us your feedback!


DIRECTOR: Matt Rossi
PROGRAM: Hideaki Omuro, Justin Karneges
GRAPHICS: Melvin De Voor
MUSIC: Eric E. Hache
SOUND FX/CONVERT: Mathew Valente
SCRIPT: Mark Yohalem

New original: Journey at twilight


Hope you enjoy this one!

Written on november  18, 2015

Special thanks to Dale North, Yvan Lanteigne and Mathew Valente

EastWest Composer Cloud, workflow and templates

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently acquired EastWest’s Composer Cloud and figured I’d build an entire orchestral template with just those instruments and show you my workflow.

Note:  This is not a review, I am simply describing my music composing worklow.

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